I’m Allison.

Wife | Mom | family filmmaker & photographer

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I believe every family has a story.

And I want to help preserve YOURS…



My family story...



I am a Texas gal based in Saudi Arabia traveling all over the world to make films for families in the Middle East, the USA, & beyond.  From the chaos to the beautiful…

I film & photograph the moments that you never want to forget…

The families that I work with want to re-live the best parts of their everyday memories.  They want to be able to look back and hear the sounds of laughter, feel the love that was so evident, see the beautiful moments that happen amidst the chaos that is life with littles.

They firmly believe that there is value in preserving the sounds & memories that make up their lives.



more personal films...

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Meet my family, twins and a toddler and take a peek into the story of our life…

The sticky popsicles, the silly giggles, the many moments & memories that make up our family story in film.

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Allison Redmon

Allison Redmon is Malaysia born, Texas raised girl, living as an expatriate in Saudi Arabia where she films and photographs the everyday lives of families in the Middle East as well as the United States using a storytelling approach.


From an early age, she loved music and pursued both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Music Education, meeting her husband along the way in University Band Class and later becoming a high school Band Director for over seven years.

She and her husband, Andrew, have been married 13 years and together have a 5 year old daughter and a set of girl/boy 3 year old twins who keep her rather busy.

Allison's approach to her films and photography is one grounded in a storytelling-documentary style. She excels at creating work that is both artistically beautiful while grounded in honest, real moments. Her extensive background as a upper level music teacher has naturally led her to teach the art of using music in films with her colleague, Courtney Holmes at the FilmingLife Academy, and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge with other photographers & film makers in hopes that they can create stories of their own.

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~ personal photos ~

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Life with littles passes quickly. You can have a full day and it's not even 8 AM. I'm there. I understand. When I'm not documenting families in the Middle East or around the world, you'll find me cooking with my husband or wrangling my three, young & energetic children.

Posed pictures have their place, but they don't capture the true moments & sounds that are a daily part of your life. I strongly believe that 30 years from now, the memories you'll want to see and hear are the ones that include your newborn's little coo, your toddlers silly logic, your nine year old's expressions, and sounds of laughter than happens around your dinning room table. These are the moments that make your story... YOUR story.


what moments do you want to remember?

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