Willmon Family | Houston Family Photographer

An Afternoon with the Willmons | A Film + Photo Session

Each time I enter a home and film a family they leave an impression on me.

Every family does life differently. After a film session I often return home to my husband and tell him what the most special parts of seeing life unfold infront of my lens looked that on that particular day.

It’s kind of remarkable, if you really think about it. People, often people I don’t know all that well, invite me into their daily family life to see what makes them tick, to see the connections, the love, the small yet special moments that encompass this thing we call “family”. Truly humbling, this job, my friends. I leave each session with a bit of that family tucked away in my head. Ideas to try out in my own family…and above all, excited to share their unique family story that is unlike any other.

I’m crazy honored to be apart of preserving any family story.

Yours. Your grandchilds. Your best friends. It blows me away how unique each story is. I’m excited to tell it so that future generations can see and hear it. Along those lines, I’ll be telling family film stories this upcoming summer in the USA & New Zealand. There aren’t many slots left. Get in touch if you’re interested in a family film for your tribe.

In August I had the incredible honor of spending an afternoon with the Willmon family. Becky and her husband, Daryl, are both incredible photographers in the Houston area. Being asked to take photos and make a film (for a fellow photographer) that they are actually in, as a photographer… that’s pretty huge.


Recently, I seem to be filming a lot of families with older children which is also a really special thing. I think as our kids grow older we tend to think that our everyday memories with them are less interesting.

I disagree. Highly.

Every family has a story. Whether a baby is involved or not, your story is worth being told and even more… it’s every bit as worth being preserved to watch and hear as time passes.

Sisterly meal prep…

Makenzie and Esme get the veggies ready for the grill

After my time with the Willmons I had one word in my head that stuck out.


From the making of a meal, to playing games, so silly conversations around the fire pit. The priority of being together was such a clear and beautiful thing to see for me as an outsider.

I love this photo. Love the togetherness of it…

It made me excited for my kids growing older. For being able to have intelligent conversations with them. To laugh with them, to share a meal with them, to hear their desires and see their place in my own family.

The way Makenzie connected with her younger siblings…It was something truly special.

Good things happen on backyard swings…

Family is such a complex, every growing thing. But the Willmons have figured out how to do life as a family, together, in a way that was both beautiful and inspiring.

Thanks for allowing me to see it first hand…


This might be my favorite photo from this family…

When asked his favorite thing to do together as a family, Daryl answered this… sitting around the fire with everyone, together.

And these two… there is something really special here…

Willmon Family | August | 2018

Hawkins Family | Vacation Photographer Photos

a Vacation Film + Photo Story

Allison Redmon Photography + Films

We have practically stopped taking family vacations/holidays since the twins were born but a change is on the horizon! Next June and July we will be spending five gloriously cold and beautiful weeks in the North Island of New Zealand. While my mind is already planning for cozy evenings with hot cocoa snuggled by the fireplace… you better believe that I’m also planning on hiring a photographer to come document our holiday stay at a local farmhouse. Because friends, I want to be in my own vacation photos!

It’s a real problem for most Moms these days (and a few Dads!) My solution? Hire a photographer to come spend a day with you. Capture you… AND yours…together… doing ALL the things. Or not doing anything! Whatever floats your boat…all I know is that I want to be in my own memories.

…including the vacation memories!

Meet the Hawkins Family

Rewind to July and meet the wonderfully fun Hawkins Family. And oh my gorgeous! Take a peek at their Lakehouse Cabin about an hour outside of Atlanta, GA! These guys try to get away as often as they can to their property…I can’t blame them. Spending a few hours with them, riding their boat, roasting marshmallow, playing catch… it’s the stuff that summer in America is made of and it was such a treat to be able to capture a vacation memory for them in a film and photos.


While it sounds a bit crazy, I’m almost fully booked for 2019 Summer Family Films in the USA. I have 2 spots left. If you want one of them, I suggest booking early!


Jen… after realizing the boys jumped in without sunscreen.

The geometry of sunbathing

That time that Will flew…

Not to be outdone…

When you remember that s’mores are for dinner…

When Dad’s form is on point…

Land optional

Literally, the perfect day…

No pressure, but the record is 30 passes… don’t drop it

A new record… 36!

Did he catch it??



 Hawkins Family | 2018

Hawkins Family | 2018

Gustafson Family | Atlanta Family Photography

“Open Your Eyes” by Olive James….

“Open your eyes, I’m gonna show ya …

We’re gonna run right through the light… yea i’m gonna hold ya… 

And if the sky should fall 

Every single star… we’re gonna bring em back to life every single spark… 

Dhahran family photographer

You and me, the wild at hearts,

running free and falling far enough… I won’t give it up…

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You and me, the life we’re living 

All the stars, I’m not giving up … I’m not giving up …

The sound of the waves … the feel of the water… 

The calm in the way it washes all the sons and the daughters… 

Should the rivers flood, to the tall tree top…

I’m gonna hold back all the rain…every single drop…

Atlanta family photographer, atlanta family video, family videography, allison redmon photography, dubai family photographer, saudi family photographer

You and me, the life we’re living…all the stars

I’m not giving up, I’m not giving up 

Atlanta family photographer, atlanta family video, family videography, allison redmon photography, dubai family photographer, saudi family photographer

You and me… the wild at hearts

Running free, and falling far enough…. I won’t give it up 

Chenoweth Family | Houston Family Videography

At Home with the Chenoweths | Film + Photo Session


When Karen asked me to make a family film for her family at their home in Houston, TX, she had no idea that they would be moving away from their home soon after our film day.  Making this film for them was extra special because this is the home where she and James brought home all three of their beautiful children after they were born.  The nursery where all three have slept at one point.  The backyard pool where laughter was had.  The kitchen where tiny fingers drew tiny pictures.  The living room where babies were nursed.  So many beautiful memories in one special house.  

While there are many more photos from this session, I wanted to share just 12 of my favorites from my morning with these guys.  Rather than focusing on photos of their morning routine, I wanted to capture portraits of each child and moments of connection within this family.

I hope that when Karen, James and their children look back on these photos and film, they will remember the love that was so VERY evident in their home.       

Utakrit Family | Houston Family Videography

Film + Photo Session

Hello from the United States my friends!  I'm filming families in the USA this summer and so excited to being sharing the 1st of 6 (!!) Family Film + Photo sessions with you!  While it might sound crazy to think this far ahead, I'll be opening my family films & photos calendar for Summer 2019 Family Film + Photo bookings in early October for United States clients.  I'd love to make one of these films for your family next summer... I'll only take on 6 families during the Summer of 2019.  Get in touch below if you would like to be on my wait list! 

I spent a rainy day in June with the Utakrit family meeting their sweet Henleigh, a little ray of sunshine in this wonderful family.  With her full head of hair and sweet smile, it's hard not to shower her with snuggles!  

When I first chatted with Leigh and Tong right after they gave birth, they mentioned that Henleigh loves to pull up her little arm and sleep with it next to her face.  I loved seeing her still do this when I came by 2 months later.  Isn't it amazing how even so young, babies already have personalities and preferences?    

Any parent will tell you, the newborn stage is fleeting.  Those little hands will grow.  The little sounds they make change so quickly!  I love that these photos will be here for this family to look back on over the years...And I really hope that Henleigh will keep pulling that sweet arm up next to her head as she sleeps. 

Judd Family | Saudi Arabia Family Photographer

Life with the Judds | A Film Story

It is always a humbling experience to be asked to come and do a second family film for a client.  These guys are those clients, and had hired me for one of my very first films (be kind if you watch it, I was a newbie!).  This time around they asked to just capture a weekend at their home, with a little family baseball thrown in for good measure. 

Life with 4 boys under the age of 5 is never quiet.  I left this session covered in sweat, smiles and a new appreciation for the word 'active'.  I hope you'll take a peek at the film above.  It's one of my new favorites!


Nelson Family | Saudi Arabia Family Photographer

The Nelson Family | Film + Photo Session

Filming families and the moments that are important to them is such a humbling thing.  To be allowed a peek into another person's life, to see the small moments and big ones that make their lives special to them... this job continually blows me away with how unique it is.  If you have been considering booking in for a film with me, I have really cut down on how many I am offering and only have a few slots left in the Spring of 2019.  I'd love the honor of documenting your family memories.... Find out more details here.  

The Nelsons invited me into their lives one afternoon in April.  Their home is bursting with life, giggles and two of the most precious little ladies.  

There was a LEGO wedding between two lovely horses, all the LEGO people attended.  I have it on good authority that the cake was delicious!  

Hearing Katie's little giggle when playing peek-a-boo with Zach was just about the cutest thing ever.  I've included the audio of her laughing in their film and it makes me smile each time I hear it!  

There was brownie baking... If I could include how lovely their home smelled I would, but alas... my filmmaking skills aren't quite that advanced! 

There were flowers to be picked in the backyard...

Gravity to be defied....

And when a storm rolled in, we headed to the beach....

It was such a pleasure capturing the small moments that make your family.... your family, Sue & Zack.  Thank you for trusting me with your memories!