Chenoweth Family | Houston Family Videography

At Home with the Chenoweths | Film + Photo Session


When Karen asked me to make a family film for her family at their home in Houston, TX, she had no idea that they would be moving away from their home soon after our film day.  Making this film for them was extra special because this is the home where she and James brought home all three of their beautiful children after they were born.  The nursery where all three have slept at one point.  The backyard pool where laughter was had.  The kitchen where tiny fingers drew tiny pictures.  The living room where babies were nursed.  So many beautiful memories in one special house.  

While there are many more photos from this session, I wanted to share just 12 of my favorites from my morning with these guys.  Rather than focusing on photos of their morning routine, I wanted to capture portraits of each child and moments of connection within this family.

I hope that when Karen, James and their children look back on these photos and film, they will remember the love that was so VERY evident in their home.       

Utakrit Family | Houston Family Videography

Film + Photo Session

Hello from the United States my friends!  I'm filming families in the USA this summer and so excited to being sharing the 1st of 6 (!!) Family Film + Photo sessions with you!  While it might sound crazy to think this far ahead, I'll be opening my family films & photos calendar for Summer 2019 Family Film + Photo bookings in early October for United States clients.  I'd love to make one of these films for your family next summer... I'll only take on 6 families during the Summer of 2019.  Get in touch below if you would like to be on my wait list! 

I spent a rainy day in June with the Utakrit family meeting their sweet Henleigh, a little ray of sunshine in this wonderful family.  With her full head of hair and sweet smile, it's hard not to shower her with snuggles!  

When I first chatted with Leigh and Tong right after they gave birth, they mentioned that Henleigh loves to pull up her little arm and sleep with it next to her face.  I loved seeing her still do this when I came by 2 months later.  Isn't it amazing how even so young, babies already have personalities and preferences?    

Any parent will tell you, the newborn stage is fleeting.  Those little hands will grow.  The little sounds they make change so quickly!  I love that these photos will be here for this family to look back on over the years...And I really hope that Henleigh will keep pulling that sweet arm up next to her head as she sleeps. 

Judd Family | Saudi Arabia Family Photographer

Life with the Judds | A Film Story

It is always a humbling experience to be asked to come and do a second family film for a client.  These guys are those clients, and had hired me for one of my very first films (be kind if you watch it, I was a newbie!).  This time around they asked to just capture a weekend at their home, with a little family baseball thrown in for good measure. 

Life with 4 boys under the age of 5 is never quiet.  I left this session covered in sweat, smiles and a new appreciation for the word 'active'.  I hope you'll take a peek at the film above.  It's one of my new favorites!


Nelson Family | Saudi Arabia Family Photographer

The Nelson Family | Film + Photo Session

Filming families and the moments that are important to them is such a humbling thing.  To be allowed a peek into another person's life, to see the small moments and big ones that make their lives special to them... this job continually blows me away with how unique it is.  If you have been considering booking in for a film with me, I have really cut down on how many I am offering and only have a few slots left in the Spring of 2019.  I'd love the honor of documenting your family memories.... Find out more details here.  

The Nelsons invited me into their lives one afternoon in April.  Their home is bursting with life, giggles and two of the most precious little ladies.  

There was a LEGO wedding between two lovely horses, all the LEGO people attended.  I have it on good authority that the cake was delicious!  

Hearing Katie's little giggle when playing peek-a-boo with Zach was just about the cutest thing ever.  I've included the audio of her laughing in their film and it makes me smile each time I hear it!  

There was brownie baking... If I could include how lovely their home smelled I would, but alas... my filmmaking skills aren't quite that advanced! 

There were flowers to be picked in the backyard...

Gravity to be defied....

And when a storm rolled in, we headed to the beach....

It was such a pleasure capturing the small moments that make your family.... your family, Sue & Zack.  Thank you for trusting me with your memories! 

Luke Randall Hays | Fresh 48 | Saudi Newborn Baby Photographer

Luke Randall Hays | 8 lbs 5 oz | 22 inches | 4:35 AM | 12 April 2018

I don't photograph a lot of Fresh 48 newborns, but this little guy has convinced me that I might need to change that.  

Meet Luke, friends.  8 pounds and 5 oz of squishy cheeked, laid back fresh baby goodness.  

This type of photography session is called a Fresh 48 session because it means I take the photos within the first 48 hours after birth.  Why so early?  Because these little ones change so quickly and sometimes we forget how truly tiny and miraculous our littles ones started out.  

Memories like that first little yawn...

Or those funny expressions that made you wonder what they think of this new world....

Where Mom is everything...

And a stinky diaper is just overwhelming...

The smallest details are some of my favorite... those bitty feet

That little finger...

and perfect little nose...

You are loved and perfect, sweet Luke... welcome to the world! 

Bouma Family | Saudi Arabia Family Photographer

A Family Film + Photo Story


"Are you a vagabond like me?
Chasing after sunsets
Forgetting the American dream
Ever gonna settle down, are we? 

I’ve always had a little wanderlust darling
Come and sweep me off my feet
Pick a path and we won’t look back
Marching to our own drum beat
Feeling like ...

Will you go on adventures with me?
Will you go on adventures with me? 

Hey vagabond you come with me
We move like the river dancing our way to the sea
Are you gonna settle down with me
Feels right you’re in my story 

Will you go on adventures with me?
Will you go on adventures with me? 

I have a feeling with you there will be
No more wandering, no more wandering
Never have I known a love like this. 
The way you’re taking me in, taking me in
Know that I am home

No matter where we go,

I am home
I am home,

I am home where I’m with you

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Always go on adventures with me
Always go on adventures
To mountain holy splendor
On seas with fallen treasure
To hills that hold the heather
As long as we’re together
Be going on adventures with me"

-"Vagabond" by Handsome & Gretyl

I am home where I’m with you

Twins take a Bath | Saudi Arabia Baby Photographer

A Film + Photo Short Essay | Personal Work

I've been so busy recently with client work that I think I've lost sight of why I started making films in the first place.  To document my own family, our memories, our moments in film.  That changes starting this past month.  I'm committed to having my camera around intentionally.  To document the little snippets of our lives that remind us of who we were at this stage.  The sounds, the normalcy of it, the togetherness.  Whether it gets edited quickly is to be seen but for now, I'm inspired.  

The twins adore taking afternoon baths in our kitchen sink. There's a side for each of them which is important in the world of twins. The way they talk to each other and giggle, I find myself overwhelmed thinking that they are mine.  To have a built in best friend and buddy as you grow up, I can't even imagine how special that is.  But I see glimpses of it these days and it makes me feel ALL the feels.