Mottern Family | Saudi Arabia Family Film and Photography

I love what I do.  I love seeing first hand the stories of other families.  The connections, the ups, the downs, the humor, the tantrums that make up our day to day lives.  Families in Saudi hire me to preserve these memories, so that 2 years, 10 years, 20 years down the road they can relive what it was like to hold a squishy baby, to laugh at their toddler’s logic, to have a memory that shows their children that they were there as parents, in big and small ways.

My first film of the Fall was with one of my best friends here in Saudi Arabia.  I met Gemma and Mike walking along the beach about 6 years ago and we immediately bonded over our new babies and the frustrations of early parenthood.  The rest is history.  Gemma is the kind of friend that I can just walk into her house, unannounced, and make myself an espresso and she doesn’t blink an eye.  She is encouraging and supportive and one of the best most attentive Moms I know.  

I loved so many things about my time with Gemma and her family...

I love that “Nana” was in town and able to bestow snuggles and laughter with her precious grandchildren.  

I love that Gemma didn’t do her hair or put on a stitch of make up.  

I love that this family just did life.   

And life for them means afternoons in the backyard, cooling off from the Saudi heat.  

It means wet hugs...   

It means a towel tug of war.  

And comparing leg sizes..

And when those little eyes stare up at you

and the sun sets on a beautiful day...  

You know that even when it’s hard, life is still good.

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