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A School Day with the Briggs Family | A film + photo storytelling session

Last month I spent a school day with the Briggs family.  For those who follow my work, you'll know that I usually document life for families in Saudi Arabia on lazy weekends.  So when Britnee told me that she wanted an average school day in their home captured in film and photos, I was intrigued.  Her words, especially, stuck with me.  "We've moved out of the baby stage of life and into the next phase with homework and bigger kids, I want these busy yet love-filled moments captured".  I think she has a point.  You might not think that an average Monday morning of getting the kids up and off to school is something worth capturing, but when it is your story, then I would argue that it is something special.  

I arrived early.  The house was dark.  Keaton, the oldest of the Briggs children, was just up and sleepily coming downstairs.  While he waited for his Dad to make breakfast he played on the swing outside.  It was a serene and quite moment but really beautiful to see Rich making breakfast for him while he swung outside.  I don't think Britnee knows this moment happened that morning.  How much of what happens in our homes do we not see because we are busy with other kids or duties?  I loved this moment.

Later on, Adalynn and Cooper came downstairs.    

In the Briggs home, getting ready for school is busy just like in any other home.  I tried to capture the moments that showed each kid's personality and routine in a way that beautifully captures what life is like for them at this age.

A quick board game before heading off to school.  Rich is a pilot and sometimes is home for school day mornings, this was one of them and it was so special for me to see a Dad helping to get kids ready and off to school.

I came back to the Briggs house in the afternoon when the kids were diving into homework.  I loved seeing both Rich and Britnee right in the thick of things, helping read and solving problems.  

In a few years these boys will probably not need to have Mom and Dad help them read their assigned school books, I love that they have these moments documented.

With homework done we headed off to the beach to finish the day.

It was a beautiful night and I loved the simplicity of the way their day ended.

Laughs in the car ride over to the beach.  

The kids got soaked... 

A football toss with Dad.

A simple schoolday. With all the highs and lows and beauty therein.  

Thanks to Britnee and Rich for allowing me a peek into your lives.  Y'all are beautiful and your story is special.

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