On wings and flying...

Caley and Macey are in the back yard, perched on the warm concrete, glue sticks in hand, and leaves from the tall frangipani tree scattered between them.  Macey has the scissors and is carefully trimming each leaf, Caley is applying excessive amounts of glue onto each tree leaf.    

“What are you girls doing?” I ask, unfamiliar with the tree/glue/scissors scenario.  

Caley looks up at me and says with absolute certainty, “We’re making wings so we can fly!” as she glues the tree leaf to her arm.  “Yes…,” I say seriously, then I back up to film the wing-making project.  Macey, calm and concentrating… Caley, wild and carefree.

Inside, baby Rubey sleeps peacefully.  We have a big afternoon together, and there was mention of the beach and spaghetti for dinner.  I’m here yet again in another love-filled home experiencing a different brand of family.  

I’m also thinking about what Caley just said,  “We’re making wings so we can fly, Miss Allison!”  Kids are so innocent, and their unquestionable faith in something nearly impossible is something I wish I had just a bit more of in my day to day life.  Sometimes we need to turn off our adult brains and step out on a leap of faith.  Life can throw some hard curveballs our way.  Hard and fast curveballs.  One day you’ve fallen for the guy with the cheesy pick up line, the next you’re on your first date complete with jet skis, concussions and near broken arms, and soon you’re getting married…. excited to begin your lives and family together.  That last part can be an exception - the part where your family easily expands.

Infertility is a hard journey, it strips us of our breath and our wings and can bring despair to even the most positive of couples.  Having traveled this road like so many others, I speak from experience.  For Mike and Christina, it was a journey of 5+ hard years.  And then a miracle.  A mother who needed a family for her soon-to-be-born baby.  A family, ready for that miracle, adopting little Macey.  Wings, it seems, can be mended and spread out again, ready for flight.  Except that isn’t the end of the miracle. God had bigger plans, when baby Macey was 9 days old, Christina and Mike found out they were pregnant with baby Caley, the unexpected blessing.  Two sisters, 8 months and 2 days apart, but essentially twins at heart.  Little birdies, sweet and spicy.  How incredible, I think, to grow up with someone so close as your best friend.  

Rubey is awake.  Spaghetti is simmering.  Gymnastics are happening in the living room.  I’m off to see the third little miracle in her baby pink room.  She snuggles into Christina, middle two fingers in her mouth, the most gorgeous blue eyes staring seriously at me.  Do you know, little one, how prayed after and precious you are?   

“Rubey is our true bonus baby,”  Mike says.  Moving to Saudi allowed them to try for another little one, and while that journey was also not without its ups and downs, the littlest lady of the Myers’ home has made her indelible mark on their family as she toddles all over the place, her tiny legs moving surprisingly quickly.  Macey, the little mommy to Rubey.  Caley, giggling and playing peekaboo.  

We are simple people, living life and making memories together

Jupiter the dog runs by.  Mike is spinning the girls as the sun sets.  The table is set.  Spaghetti is served.  Caley drowns each noodle in her juice before eating it.  Rubey drools, more interested in her fork than the meatball.  Mike and Christina laugh.  "We are simple people, living life and making memories together," Christina tells me.  

Life is good.  The three littles are good.  God is good.  Wings mended and the wind is up, seems like a good day for flying.

~Allison Redmon

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