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What was your favorite part about today?


“What was your favorite part about today?” 3 year old Zane asks this question to Mom, Sam, between extra large spoonfuls of butternut squash macaroni & cheese.  “Spending the entire day playing with you,” answers Sam.  “What was your favorite part, Tucker?” Sam asks.  “Playing games together,” says Tuck definitively.  Tuck bested everyone during an afternoon game of ‘Settlers of Catan.’  “I loved spending the whole afternoon with you guys,” Byron, tells the boys.

Around the dinner table, this question is asked every time the Andersons come together for a meal.  It’s a beautiful family tradition.  I’m perched awkwardly behind the large plant in the living room filming the entire exchange and taking mental notes to start this tradition for meals in my home.  Zane and Tucker, thinking earnestly about their day and talking with Mom and Dad about the best parts of it.  Not much could top this moment in my opinion except for that homemade macaroni and cheese.  Sam is a mean cook and I’ve already snuck one bowl. 

Meet the Andersens, friends, and fall in love with their version of what it means to be a family.  What I love about these four is the way that they make the most of their time together, whether that is just their time on the weekends or dinner on Tuesday nights, they live and love 100% when they are together.  

And while this was filmed in the early weeks of May, I’m just now finishing it up on Father’s Day and really noticing how many pictures I just happen to have of how incredible Byron is with his two little men who adore their Daddy.  The tickles, the wrestling, the building of things are all done eagerly next to Dad’s side, following his cues, excited for his approval.  I’m yet again in awe of this job, seeing Dads and Moms doing life with their littles in their own unique and amazing ways.

I’m blessed to have Sam as a friend and watch her do the day-to-day parenting.  She is full-on with her boys, giving one hundred and twenty percent of herself to them, the kindest and most patient Mom you’ll ever meet.  She could write the book on raising boys, molding men and corralling the crazies before 8 AM, all served with a side of homemade pancakes. 

Adulting is hard.  Parenting is even harder.  I suspect we’re all figuring it out as we go, but it was an honor to see Byron love on his little men and see Sam give everything of herself to make life good for these boys.  Good things can happen even when life isn't easy, and these guys have figured out how to go deep when time together counts, and that to me is amazingly inspiring.


What was your favorite part of today with your family?  I’ll be asking this to my family tonight at dinner...

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