Summer in Houston // Houston Family Photographer

A summer photo essay in 40 photos

Amsterdam vibes

airport hotel snuggles

the littlest flyer

and the only one that slept

jetlag at sunrise

all the jumping

jetlag blues

hot mess

that time they played together

swimsuits optional

grass is always greener

sugar personified

a bit of sunshine

all boy

tiny and fiesty

all the parks

be yourself

my circus, my monkeys

bull in a china shop

grammie & buddy's backyard

the window

when Nana sings

when Pops catches

when MiMaw reads

how to eclipse

or not

all the colors


this didn't end well


so much Target

my childhood favorite

the hurricane rain started when we finished

Hurricane Harvey 

watching the rain

4 days later

back home to Saudi Arabia

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