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Donna and Zac and I are discussing tea.  I typically bring a large container of iced tea with an entire lemon squeezed into it on film days, I need the lemon and caffeine to keep me going.  Zac seems intrigued, this is a hot tea kind of house and I seem to have come with a new and winning idea.  Donna comes in and makes one for him.  He's not a fan of the entire lemon despite my insistence that it's amazing.  My tastebuds post-twins are radically changed.

In the background, the boys are playing.  I've filmed in homes that are tech free but the Nganwa home is truly tech free.  And y'all, it's amazing.  Bayley and Reuben... PLAY.  As in, they have mastered the art of play.  Alone, together, quietly... loud and boisterous, they are immersed 100% into the world of play and it's an incredible thing to see.  

Each family I visit I take away something from and try to use it in my home.  From this family I learned the value of play.  I want my kids to learn to truly immerse themselves in play, let their imaginations run wild, no need for me to interject or encourage.  Just let them be and they will create worlds more vivid that I could ever have dreamt.  

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from this family,
I learned the value of play...

Back in the present, yoga has commenced.  Bayley and Donna have clearly done this routine many times, not only does he enjoy the various poses, it truly calms him and you can see his and Donna's joy in each moment.  There had to be a lot of patience that went into teaching these stances with a young child.  Donna is the epitome of patience and I am in awe.

We move outside to eat the last popsicles of the year.  The weather is changing here in Saudi Arabia, before long a light jacket will be necessary, but the outdoors from now until April are just beautiful.  The light peeking through the flower studded trees, bubbles softly popping ... this backyard is a magical secret hideaway and the boys are off fighting dragons and building castles.

As the day winds down we head to the beach, seashell collecting... finding the "cuties," the tiniest little shells, unnoticed agains their larger more obvious cousins.  Everyone digs in, Bayley and Reuben both finding the best for treasuring at home.  

Donna and Zac are walking hand in hand.  I adore the way they love each other.  The way they just let the boys be.  

It was a pleasure spending the day with your family, Donna & Zac!  

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