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We have practically stopped taking family vacations/holidays since the twins were born but a change is on the horizon! Next June and July we will be spending five gloriously cold and beautiful weeks in the North Island of New Zealand. While my mind is already planning for cozy evenings with hot cocoa snuggled by the fireplace… you better believe that I’m also planning on hiring a photographer to come document our holiday stay at a local farmhouse. Because friends, I want to be in my own vacation photos!

It’s a real problem for most Moms these days (and a few Dads!) My solution? Hire a photographer to come spend a day with you. Capture you… AND yours…together… doing ALL the things. Or not doing anything! Whatever floats your boat…all I know is that I want to be in my own memories.

…including the vacation memories!

Meet the Hawkins Family

Rewind to July and meet the wonderfully fun Hawkins Family. And oh my gorgeous! Take a peek at their Lakehouse Cabin about an hour outside of Atlanta, GA! These guys try to get away as often as they can to their property…I can’t blame them. Spending a few hours with them, riding their boat, roasting marshmallow, playing catch… it’s the stuff that summer in America is made of and it was such a treat to be able to capture a vacation memory for them in a film and photos.


While it sounds a bit crazy, I’m almost fully booked for 2019 Summer Family Films in the USA. I have 2 spots left. If you want one of them, I suggest booking early!


Jen… after realizing the boys jumped in without sunscreen.

The geometry of sunbathing

That time that Will flew…

Not to be outdone…

When you remember that s’mores are for dinner…

When Dad’s form is on point…

Land optional

Literally, the perfect day…

No pressure, but the record is 30 passes… don’t drop it

A new record… 36!

Did he catch it??



Hawkins Family | 2018

Hawkins Family | 2018

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