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An Afternoon with the Willmons | A Film + Photo Session

Each time I enter a home and film a family they leave an impression on me.

Every family does life differently. After a film session I often return home to my husband and tell him what the most special parts of seeing life unfold infront of my lens looked that on that particular day.

It’s kind of remarkable, if you really think about it. People, often people I don’t know all that well, invite me into their daily family life to see what makes them tick, to see the connections, the love, the small yet special moments that encompass this thing we call “family”. Truly humbling, this job, my friends. I leave each session with a bit of that family tucked away in my head. Ideas to try out in my own family…and above all, excited to share their unique family story that is unlike any other.

I’m crazy honored to be apart of preserving any family story.

Yours. Your grandchilds. Your best friends. It blows me away how unique each story is. I’m excited to tell it so that future generations can see and hear it. Along those lines, I’ll be telling family film stories this upcoming summer in the USA & New Zealand. There aren’t many slots left. Get in touch if you’re interested in a family film for your tribe.

In August I had the incredible honor of spending an afternoon with the Willmon family. Becky and her husband, Daryl, are both incredible photographers in the Houston area. Being asked to take photos and make a film (for a fellow photographer) that they are actually in, as a photographer… that’s pretty huge.


Recently, I seem to be filming a lot of families with older children which is also a really special thing. I think as our kids grow older we tend to think that our everyday memories with them are less interesting.

I disagree. Highly.

Every family has a story. Whether a baby is involved or not, your story is worth being told and even more… it’s every bit as worth being preserved to watch and hear as time passes.

Sisterly meal prep…

Makenzie and Esme get the veggies ready for the grill

After my time with the Willmons I had one word in my head that stuck out.


From the making of a meal, to playing games, so silly conversations around the fire pit. The priority of being together was such a clear and beautiful thing to see for me as an outsider.

I love this photo. Love the togetherness of it…

It made me excited for my kids growing older. For being able to have intelligent conversations with them. To laugh with them, to share a meal with them, to hear their desires and see their place in my own family.

The way Makenzie connected with her younger siblings…It was something truly special.

Good things happen on backyard swings…

Family is such a complex, every growing thing. But the Willmons have figured out how to do life as a family, together, in a way that was both beautiful and inspiring.

Thanks for allowing me to see it first hand…


This might be my favorite photo from this family…

When asked his favorite thing to do together as a family, Daryl answered this… sitting around the fire with everyone, together.

And these two… there is something really special here…

Willmon Family | August | 2018

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