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An Afternoon with the Most Family | Film + Photography Session

When word got around that I was pregnant with twins, Heather was the first one to call me on the phone.  "Welcome to the club!"  she said.  "What club?" I asked.  "Welcome to the 'I'm having multiples' club!"  "Oh!  Thank you" I said, laughing.  She then proceeded to give me lots of frank, honest and slightly scary advice about how my life was about the change in about a thousand ways. She was, of course, right on all accounts.  Heather and Brad, after all, have five children, one naturally conceived, one adopted and a one set of triplets.  

Meet Evan, Alex.... and Lindsey, Sarah & Ryan

To say that I'm in awe of both Heather and Brad is an understatement.  Heather tells me it gets easier, I'm choosing to believer her despite the fact that outside my office door my twins are emptying the contents of a closet onto the stairs and singing a combination of the "Clean up!" song and "Twinkle Twinkle".  

The first time I met her triplets I had no kids of my own but was pregnant with London.  I popped by her house to pick up some kid related device she was selling.  After introducing myself she left me in the hallway to go grab the item.  From the living area, out toddle the triplets, babies at that point, all naked, two holding tiny potties with pee sloshing out the sides, and proceeded to hand the potties to me.  The one without the potty, Sarah, looked me in the eye and said very seriously, "We pee!"..."Help?".  "Oh!  Um...  Me?!" I said.... Mentally wondering if Heather would notice if I just disappeared.  Thankfully, Heather walked back in, managed the situation and put me out of my pre-kid panic moment.  We laugh about that now....

Heather and Brad are amazing parents, adept at the fine art of managing controlled chaos in a loving yet practical way.  Their kids are rock stars, and in the four hours I spent filming them I saw how much fun it would be to live in a family with lots of siblings.  There is never a quiet moment, taking turns is expected, everyone has their own big personality, and you always have a friend to play with.

I loved watching their kids interact.  

For the most part, they genuinely enjoy each other...

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and that is a really, really beautiful thing....

Film coming soon!!  

P.S....REALLY exciting news announced on my Facebook and IG page on Tuesday... Stay tuned!

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