Twins take a Bath | Saudi Arabia Baby Photographer

A Film + Photo Short Essay | Personal Work

I've been so busy recently with client work that I think I've lost sight of why I started making films in the first place.  To document my own family, our memories, our moments in film.  That changes starting this past month.  I'm committed to having my camera around intentionally.  To document the little snippets of our lives that remind us of who we were at this stage.  The sounds, the normalcy of it, the togetherness.  Whether it gets edited quickly is to be seen but for now, I'm inspired.  

The twins adore taking afternoon baths in our kitchen sink. There's a side for each of them which is important in the world of twins. The way they talk to each other and giggle, I find myself overwhelmed thinking that they are mine.  To have a built in best friend and buddy as you grow up, I can't even imagine how special that is.  But I see glimpses of it these days and it makes me feel ALL the feels.   

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