Nelson Family | Saudi Arabia Family Photographer

The Nelson Family | Film + Photo Session

Filming families and the moments that are important to them is such a humbling thing.  To be allowed a peek into another person's life, to see the small moments and big ones that make their lives special to them... this job continually blows me away with how unique it is.  If you have been considering booking in for a film with me, I have really cut down on how many I am offering and only have a few slots left in the Spring of 2019.  I'd love the honor of documenting your family memories.... Find out more details here.  

The Nelsons invited me into their lives one afternoon in April.  Their home is bursting with life, giggles and two of the most precious little ladies.  

There was a LEGO wedding between two lovely horses, all the LEGO people attended.  I have it on good authority that the cake was delicious!  

Hearing Katie's little giggle when playing peek-a-boo with Zach was just about the cutest thing ever.  I've included the audio of her laughing in their film and it makes me smile each time I hear it!  

There was brownie baking... If I could include how lovely their home smelled I would, but alas... my filmmaking skills aren't quite that advanced! 

There were flowers to be picked in the backyard...

Gravity to be defied....

And when a storm rolled in, we headed to the beach....

It was such a pleasure capturing the small moments that make your family.... your family, Sue & Zack.  Thank you for trusting me with your memories!