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Film + Photo Session

Hello from the United States my friends!  I'm filming families in the USA this summer and so excited to being sharing the 1st of 6 (!!) Family Film + Photo sessions with you!  While it might sound crazy to think this far ahead, I'll be opening my family films & photos calendar for Summer 2019 Family Film + Photo bookings in early October for United States clients.  I'd love to make one of these films for your family next summer... I'll only take on 6 families during the Summer of 2019.  Get in touch below if you would like to be on my wait list! 

I spent a rainy day in June with the Utakrit family meeting their sweet Henleigh, a little ray of sunshine in this wonderful family.  With her full head of hair and sweet smile, it's hard not to shower her with snuggles!  

When I first chatted with Leigh and Tong right after they gave birth, they mentioned that Henleigh loves to pull up her little arm and sleep with it next to her face.  I loved seeing her still do this when I came by 2 months later.  Isn't it amazing how even so young, babies already have personalities and preferences?    

Any parent will tell you, the newborn stage is fleeting.  Those little hands will grow.  The little sounds they make change so quickly!  I love that these photos will be here for this family to look back on over the years...And I really hope that Henleigh will keep pulling that sweet arm up next to her head as she sleeps. 

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