Chenoweth Family | Houston Family Videography

At Home with the Chenoweths | Film + Photo Session


When Karen asked me to make a family film for her family at their home in Houston, TX, she had no idea that they would be moving away from their home soon after our film day.  Making this film for them was extra special because this is the home where she and James brought home all three of their beautiful children after they were born.  The nursery where all three have slept at one point.  The backyard pool where laughter was had.  The kitchen where tiny fingers drew tiny pictures.  The living room where babies were nursed.  So many beautiful memories in one special house.  

While there are many more photos from this session, I wanted to share just 12 of my favorites from my morning with these guys.  Rather than focusing on photos of their morning routine, I wanted to capture portraits of each child and moments of connection within this family.

I hope that when Karen, James and their children look back on these photos and film, they will remember the love that was so VERY evident in their home.