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A Film + Photo Session in Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the sounds that are important in my life. My youngest daughter’s laugh. The way my oldest sings all day long…even the way my son whines. Those sound are the basis of so many of my memories of this stage of life.

Each Saturday Martin gets up with the kids to make pancakes

When I met with Carole about her family film, one of the first things she mentioned to me was how special their nighttime routine was to their family. Martin and Carole sing beautiful lullabies to their children as they fall to sleep, with their littles joining in. It’s honestly one of the most beautiful things I’ve been prvilidged to hear and when it came time to edit their film, I’ve made sure to include those lullabies along with the footage.

Martin on bum wiping duty

Martin on bum wiping duty

Here’s the thing about life. It’s so much more than a what you see in a photo. It’s sounds. It’s singing. It’s the warmth of bedtime snuggles against your cheek. It’s those lullabies that you remember your parents singing to you.

Olivia gets French braids

All those little memories, sounds, moments… those are the essence of what life is in your family at this moment. It’s so much more than a photo. This family film, more than most, I want you to HEAR…

French braids won’t quite work for Martin. Olivia settles for basic grooming and a clip.

Until then though, a few of my favorite photo moments captured. Most of these you’ll get to hear and see in the film… Take a peek above.

Circles at the park

The best kind of family photo

I have just 1 spot left for family films in 2019…

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