Taylore Ridling | Senior Portraits Saudi Arabia

An Aramco Senior Portrait Session

I am a big believer in the non-cheesy.

In something beautiful that celebrates a stage in your life worth celebrating.

In beautiful portraits.

In beautiful… NON-cheesy… portraits.

I’ve seen all sorts of special as a photographer and could probably dig up my own ‘special’ senior portrait taken in a fake flowered garden with me standing on a equally fake bridge.

These are NOT those senior portraits.

You might also be surprised that I take senior portraits given that I’m such a big believer in capturing the real moments of everyday lives. I’ll be honest, I don’t take on a lot of these, maybe 4-6 sessions a season? Most seniors live away at boarding or day schools. They only come into town for the holidays or at the end of term. Call me old fashioned but I love the idea of giving a young adult a moment to feel beautiful, feel special, and have those feelings captured in a beautiful session.

Everyone deserves a beautiful portrait of themselves at least once.

These are Taylore’s senior portraits.

She has the most incredibly beautiful imagination and creative energy I’ve ever encountered in a high school student, spending an hour with her was one of the highlights of my February.

My fingers are crossed for you on your journey ahead Taylore, you are beautiful both inside and out!

Allison Redmon2 Comments