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When we talked about their upcoming Family Film session, Sara & Cody told me that they wanted to keep it at home which was such a pleasant idea. Before you think “ Allison, every film you do is in a client’s home”… hear me out. Most are in homes, but also out at a park or beach etc. Sara, however, really didn’t want to venture out of their home. She wanted to keep it simple. Just hanging around inside the house and backyard, playing with the kids on a weekend morning.

The Mom in me gets this. Some weekends are crazy with activities, but the best kind of weekends are the ones where everyone is chilled out, relaxing around the house with no agenda. I can’t tell you how nice it was to attend a Family Film session where everyone was really just hanging out around the home, enjoying each other on a lazy Saturday. No activity ‘schedule’ or to-do list.

I love the connections in this photo,… this actually might be my favorite from the entire day. Elliot, connecting with Baby Avaleen, who is smiling right back at her while Kinsely offers a stuffy toy from above. Mom and Dad looking on amused. Family life all bottled up in one moment.



You should never feel the need to ‘perform’ for me in a Family Film session. Just BE. How you are is perfect. It’s my job is to show the beauty that you might not see in those small little moments that get passed by as your mind is preoccupied with parenting. Relaxing and enjoying each other and the lives you’ve built is a pretty special thing.

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When Dad pretends to be “Elsa”

Here are a few of those special and perhaps unseen moments by Mom & Dad that happened while I was with Sara, Cody and their three lovely daughters. (Family Film coming Soon!)

Sara braids Kinsely’s hair.

There is a stillness and patience involved here in both parent and child that I find really beautiful.


I could have shot this in focus but instead I wanted to shoot how it felt to be twirling. I especially love the shadow at the bottom and the finger hold at the top.

This story was a hit with the youngest demographic

Trampoline snuggles with Dad and again, I’m loving the connection in this moment. Is this a perfect photo? No. But is this a photo I want as a parent? Yes!

When you’re the youngest…

This is a very different photo for me to make but I actually really like it a lot too. I wanted to show life from Avaleen’s perspective, so close to the action yet separated from it because of her age.

Those hands won’t be this little next year. My second favorite photo from the day…

Family hands. You can tell so much of a family story just by showing only their hands…

When it’s almost nap time…

Kinsley snuggles with Mom. Another connection moment that as a Mother, I love…

Epic light saber battle to end the morning

Thank you for inviting me into your homes again Sara & Cody!

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