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Saturday with the Haughton Family | A Family Film + Photo Session

(Film Coming Soon)

Sisters on the trampoline

I don’t pretend to know what it’s like to have grown up kids. The sticky finger situation in my home is for the most part, out of control on the best of days. Occasionally, however, I get asked to make a Family Film for families with older kiddos and friends it’s a really wonderful breath of fresh air.

When families with older kiddos ask for a family film, it generally stops me in my tracks and really makes me pay attention. It’s easy to want one of these films when your kiddos are young and doing cute things all the time that you want to remember. But when do memories ever stop being worthy of being captured?? Is there really such a thing as “my-kids-are-too-old” for a Family Film?

I’m not convinced that’s the case.

I loved watching Mom and Dad interact/flirt with each other… completely adorable

When Kim Haughton asked me to make a Family Film with her tribe I was a bit nervous as I always get when being asked to film a family with older kids, but also curious.

Kim explained that these are the last few months that their family unit will truly be all together as their oldest daughter Abigal is about to move off to an incredible boarding school in Hawaii. Their weekend traditions of family devotions/church time, playing board games etc will look a lot different next Fall and she wanted these memories captured.

Family church time | My own family did this when I was a child and it was really special to see such beautiful leadership from both Mom and Dad

I can’t imagine how hard it would be to see that big of a change coming on the horizon …but, I can imagine how wonderful it will be to have a film that shows the best of a weekend when everyone was together. That kind of memory is unique to this family and I love that they will have it now, forever.

But that eye-roll…!

The film is almost done but some of my favorite parts are hearing how the 3 girls interact and how beautifully different each of their personalities and interests are. In fact, the first scene of the film and more specifically the first shot of the film is my favorite in the whole film. It shows a sisterly love and camaraderie that can’t be forced. It’s a really gorgeous moment.

All of that to say, I had a blast with these guys and this film has surprised me with how much I really love it. Until then, here are a few of my favorite photo moments that I took between filming.

The girls were so insanely acrobatic

I’ve just started booking Spring 2020 Family Films and would be honored to have you on my list.

Let’s chat about making that happen…

Gravity optional

Gravity optional

Pretty sure I pulled a hamstring just looking at this

Pretty sure I pulled a hamstring just looking at this

I love their faces and hair here

Love these little moments of sibling connection

Her face and braids

This is Bella and her art is beautiful

Stasia | A Portrait

Abigail | A Portrait

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