Pyfferoen Family | Family Film Nashville TN

A Summer Evening | A Nashville Family Film + Photo Session

(Film Coming Soon!)

I’ve recently begun traveling around the USA and beyond to make Family Films & Photos. I truly adore getting to meet these people in their own spaces, doing the things they love. If you’ve ever been interested in having me come to you to make a Family Film, know that I’d probably be just as excited as you are about that possibility.

I’m already gettin inquires for 2020 Family Films in the summer, drop me a note if you’d like to get on my calendar. It would be amazing to come to your home and document you in your family memories…

I met Jennie a few years ago when we were both learning to craft Family Films. Jennie is an uber talented photographer and Family Filmmaker in Nashville. Being asked to make a Family Film for another Family Film person brings with it no small measure of nerves, but I had to remind myself that while it might be a bit scary, it’s not about me. It’s about her family and their lives on this beautiful land they call home.

Greyson daydreams

Spending our summer this year in New Zealand, with our children outside all day, hiking and in nature… it really opened my eyes to a different way of raising kids, learning from their environment, appreciating the beautify and life around them.

Jennie and Grayson read books

When filming this I wondered how many stories had been told on this swing…

When I was with Jennie’s family I found that same sentiment echoed in everything they did. Even moment was an opportunity to learn from the environment.

Mushroom hunting

Food was thoughtfully chosen.

Dad and son before dinner

Togetherness, both in play and at meals, was prioritized.

Jennie teaches Greyson about mushrooms while Brian finishes dinner


Simply letting children be…. and exploring… and apprciating… all of these things resonated deeply within this home and it was a truly beautiful thing to witness first hand.

Greyson the artist

Atticus the thinker

Thank you beautiful Jennie for allowing me a glimpse into the heart of your family…

Atticus: A Portrait of Boyhood in TN

Greyson explores

Setting the table with Mom, in the film you’ll see how one of there dogs gets up on that bench

Family dinners were always a really important part of my childhood and I love seeing them prioritized in other families too

Atticus at sunset

Firefly magic

Dusk at the Pyfferone home