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A Morning with Leo

A Khobar Newborn Film + Photography Story

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We are slowly making our ways out of the baby stage of life. It’s both a wonderful and sad thing. One of the hardest things we ever did was get our twins through their first year of life. But as hard as each of those 365 days were, there STILL… in the midst the chaos, were glimpses of beauty and good.

Being a Mom is hard.

Being a Dad is hard.

Leo wraps his fingers around Nicole’s each day as he drinks his bottle

Leo wraps his fingers around Nicole’s each day as he drinks his bottle

I’m told by friends that this doesn’t get any easier as our kids grow. But what I do see, through peeks into other families lives, is that there is inherent and deeply seated GOOD that occurs, even when we are running on very little sleep.

And that good?

It’s worth a photo of. It’s worth a video of.

Family hands

Because I think these memories, the hard, the good, the lack of sleep, chubby smile… down the road, 25 years from now… in some crazy way… will all make us smile.

Hands and Feet

So I take photos of it. In hopes that someday good people like Nicole and Chris, will show little Leo that this is the room ….

these are the hands…

this is the bottle…

this is the way….

Chris and Leo play

…. we held you

…. laughed with you

… made breakfast with you

A pre-breakfast bounce

You can’t hear his giggle in this photo but it’s in his film and it’s beautiful

And all these little things are the stuff of life and it’s a beautiful and GOOD thing.

Leo’s first dip in the ocean

Thank you Nicole, Chris & Leo!

Gellene Family | June 2019

Gellene Family | June 2019

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