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A Family Film & Photo Session in Nashville, TN

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Olivia & Jessie play make believe

When a family tells me that they are building a house themselves, and they want a Family Film after they move in to celebrate this stage in their lives at the freshly built house, you’d better believe that I was crazy excited to travel to them to make this happen.

Meet the Tinius Family and their four gorgeous children, Olivia, Levi, Ezra & Winnie.

I’m still salivating over these biscuits …. and it’s been 2 months y’all

I arrived at their home the day after they had moved in. In fact, I’m pretty sure they might have been unpacking boxes a few hours before I parked my car in their freshly graveled driveway.

Biscuit making was in progress, it smelled divine. The kids alternated between helping bake, drawing and licking flour off their feet.

Levi tells a joke, it’s in the film, and it’s funny!

Did Ezra lick his foot? Yes he did.

One thing that struck me immediately was the cheerfulness of their home. Each child has such a fun and unique personality, little Winnie a perfect shadow to her Mom. Ezra making everyone laugh with his antics. Levi, quiet but quite the comedian, and sweet Olivia eagerly showing me all of her treasures in her beautiful new bedroom.

Watching Marquis be a Mom to these tiny humans was a beautiful thing, her patience and encouragement to each child left me in awe …

Levi catches a quick cuddle

I didn’t want to leave.

Ezra tests the limits of the 2nd floor window

Biscuit baking patience is hard

Winnie smiles at her shadow

The land where the Tinius Family lives is gorgeous, has been in their family for a very long time, and it was incredible to see the hard work, a true labor of love that had gone into building each and every part of their home from the ground up.

A walk to the creek

But my favorite part of the day I spent with them was walking down to the creek, just a few steps down the driveway. I don’t think Mom and Dad wanted the kids to get wet but they were soaking within minutes. You’ll see this in their film!

Ezra holds Mom’s hand

Nathan, Winnie, Olivia & Levi

At the creek

How to find the perfect stone

Exploring the creek

By dusk, cozy on the bed and energy drained, Nathan read books and tickled ribs relentlessly, Marquis nursed Winnie…. I had to catch a plane home that evening or I might have just stayed the night.

I felt like I knew and related to this family and I think it’s because they were so warm and welcoming. Thank you Marquis & Nathan for opening your new home to me, you guys are truly incredible parents, and I hope that we can hang out again soon. Your family and home are beautiful things, it is such an honor to work on your Family Film and share these few photos with you!



Back home

Built by these two

Winnie nurses

Book reading

Tickles with Levi

Personal space optional

Tinius Family | 2019

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